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With this year’s theme “Our Planet, our health”, the WHO is drawing attention to the consequences of climate change on World Health Day on 7 April 2022. The climate crisis is also a health crisis – according to the WHO. Find out here what contribution you can make to the environment and health by using Organoid products.

By bringing real nature into the interior in a meaningful way, you demonstrably improve concentration, health and quality of life. The natural properties of the untreated raw materials improve the indoor climate and the feel-good atmosphere.

We receive our Alpine-hay at fair prices exclusively from local farmers. By using Organoid products, you not only contribute significantly to maintaining the cultural landscape, but you also reduce emissions:

1 kg of hay binds around 0.45 kg of CO2

To produce our natural surfaces, we use raw materials that can no longer be processed in conventional production processes. Leftover materials such as coffee powder, moss or spelt husks find an innovative application in interior design.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

All Organoid products and our company are certified CO2-neutral. Our electricity is also generated entirely from hydropower. With our products, you are making a valuable contribution to sustainability.

The health of our planet is directly linked to the health of people, animals and plants – all living beings. We need to be more conscious of our resources so that together we can look forward to a greener future.

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