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(aj) Living and feeling good – the design of living space has long since outgrown the original basic needs. For many centuries it has no longer been just about having a roof over your head with sleeping and body care options. We have countless materials at our disposal, especially when it comes to personalizing living and working spaces. Unfortunately, all too often the wallet decides about materials, but mostly the gut feeling is the decision-maker.

Magdalena Gansch from St. Pölten/Austria dealt in her bachelor thesis with the effect of materials in interiors on the subjective well-being of people. A survey that is also interesting for us as a manufacturer.

According to the WHO definition, health requires physical, mental and social well-being. But satisfaction and well-being is an individual perception.

In the western world, we spend over 90% of our time indoors. Property developers should therefore pay close attention to the selection of healthy and environmentally friendly materials. But laws, standards and upper cost limits mean that inexpensive and sometimes conventional materials are selected. Environmentally friendly and healthy building still costs about 1/3 more than “classic” building.

The material folder has a few surprises in store for the test group …

Our senses help us perceive well-being. We quickly feel at home in a visually appealing environment.

The test subjects were able to find out for themselves. They had to choose materials for various questions. At first only through visual perception, then through touch and smell.

Magdalena selected the following surfaces from the Organoid® collection: WILDSPITZE made of hay, MOUS HELLGRIAN made of light green upcycling moss and the dark brown WANILLÄ (vanilla), which made many think of chocolate.

Our materials were assigned to the terms tradition, nature, trust, reliability, motivation, awake memories, etc

According to various studies, the following three requirements are important for a comfortable environments:

1. The environment must take care of our health.
2. It must offer relaxation.
3. It must be aesthetically pleasing.

Organoid® Natural Surfaces contribute to all three points and are therefore a first-class feel-good material.