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Organoid stands for sustainability in practice throughout all areas. This is also reflected by our recent nomination for the German Sustainability Award 2023. The award for exceptional achievements in the areas of sustainability, economy, community, and research is the largest of its kind in Europe, including eight competitions and involving more than 1000 applicants and 2000 guests.

Solutions in the fields of design, technical advancements and social projects are awarded to make design overall align more with the principles of sustainability, to motivate stakeholders for change and to inspire new partnerships. Special care is placed on avoiding greenwashing.

Wirksame Schritte zum grünen Wandel

Die Rollenware von Organoid wurde beim Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis in der Kategorie Design unter die Nominierten gewählt. Die Produkte haben sich im Auswahlprozess bereits gegen eine Vielzahl an BewerberInnen durchgesetzt und konnten mit wirksamen Beiträgen zur grünen Wende überzeugen.

Wir stehen für nachhaltiges, zukunftsorientiertes Design. Unsere natürlichen Oberflächen sind in allen Bereichen der Raumgestaltung ganzheitlich einsetzbar und folgen sowohl im naturnahen Design als auch in der ressourcenschonenden und umweltfreundlichen Herstellung den Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeit.

Taking active steps towards the green transition

The rolled goods by Organoid was awarded for the German Sustainability Award in the category Design. The nominees were already able to successfully compete against a large number of competitors in the selection process. Their products are convincing and effective contributions to the green transition.

We stand for sustainable and future-oriented design. Out natural surfaces can be used holistically in all areas of interior design and follow the principles or sustainability: both in their natural design as well as in their resource-saving and environmentally friendly production.

Active climate protection & a positive impact on the region

Our surfaces from regionally farmed natural alpine hay unite everything we believe in: active climate protection through binding CO2, protection of the millennia old cultural landscape of the inner alpine meadows and creating a positive impact for the region through local production and short transport routes. For our other surfaces, we use natural plant materials from upcycling, leftovers from the food industry and plants from certified farming. This binds CO2, which would get otherwise get into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas like with thermal end use or when used as animal feed.

Our production centre is powered by 100% green electricity and our vehicle fleet was changed to electrical. This ensures that all areas of our company are as ecological as possible to ensure real sustainability.

In the meantime, things remain exciting for us and the other nominees: in the coming weeks, the finalists will be picked out by the jury, the winner will be awarded on the 1st of December 2022 in Düsseldorf.

Inspiration for sustainable design with Organoid products