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From Oct. 23rd to 31st the ORGATEC fair in Cologne/Germany took place. Many visitors strolling through the hallways were stopping at our booth saying “This smells nice” or “This makes me feel good” – Through these kinds of statements we see our work vindicated.

Organoid products appeal to the senses, that is for sure. The natural scent of alpine hay and lavender are soothing, the natural colors of the surfaces ALMWIESN (alpine meadow) and MOUS (moss) are very appealing to the eye. The individual fibers of the untreated surfaces can be felt by hand. A great experience for the senses.

At the trade fair more than 63,000 trade visitors gathered information about innovations and trends in the office sector. Modern work environments value ergonomics and health promotion as well as intuitive technology and focused work in special relaxation rooms.

We were able to introduce our Natural Surfaces to lots of interested people from all over the world and we are excited about our clients’ creativity joining our natural surfaces.

The next ORGATEC will take place from Oct. 27th to 31st 2020.