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The World Expo in Dubai brings People with real solutions for the world’s big challenges together. There were 192 country pavilions from all over the world with innovative concepts, technologies and visions to explore. Find out which solutions visitors were able to take in on their way in this post.

Organoid @ Expo Dubai

Organoid was presented in 3 districts at the Dubai Expo from October 1st 2021 to March 31st 2022. The Tyrolean natural surfaces could be experienced in different corners of the world: in the Austria-pavilion, the Romania-pavilion and the culinary centre for knowledge-thirsty visitors.



The exhibitors of „Austria makes sense“ have one thing in common: they connect people, technologies and nature to create an impressive experience for all senses.

In the iLab area, future-oriented solutions from Austria were presented under the theme ‚Opportunity‘ – along with the functional natural surfaces for interior design by Organoid.

The Cube wit natural alpine hay and colourful flower petals transported the visitors directly from Dubai into the Tyrolean mountains. Let’s make our way into a greener future by using sustainable materials.

Discover the award-winning pavilion in this virtual tour –click here.

Jetzt mit der virtuellen Tour den prämierten Pavillon erkunden – hier klicken.

The Austria-pavilion presents smart and sustainable architecture. Not just visitors, but also experts from all over the world were captivated by the contribution. The unique design of the innovative pavilion received internationally renowned awards:


The theme “New Nature“ reflects the close relationship between Romanians and nature.

They support sustainable growth and scientific innovation. Within this theme, the rich culture and history of the country was explored as well.

The surface Wildspitze Himmelblau – Alpine-hay with blue cornflower petals – was used on wall panels. The décor was perfectly fitted to the theme and interior of the room.

Could this wall cover with a refreshing effect fit your trade show as well? Get to know it directly and discover the Romania-pavilion virtually – click here .

Trader’s Express Coffee Shops

The Dubai Exhibition centre (DEC) is a highly modern event location which spans 45 000 m². The DEC is one of the main entrance areas of the Dubai Expo. The scented natural surface, made from real coffee powder, was used for all walls in the entry areas to the TRADER’S EXPRESS Coffee Shops in the North and South halls.

The special design combination created a multisensory experience in the coffee shop. The visitors were able to experience the aromatic coffee scent with all senses.

Here, you can get to know more about the product.

The Expo Dubai and the numerous exhibitors and visitors find solutions for people and the environment together. The future concepts and technologies bring us one step closer to mastering the challenges of living together in an increasingly connected world.

Organoid makes its contribution through functional materials for sustainable interior design. The use of natural decors brings real nature into the interior. The proximity to nature creates a healthy feel-good atmosphere and improves the indoor climate. Whether at home, at work, in a restaurant or hotel – fragrant natural surfaces are a treat for the senses.