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Every year, up to 19 million tonnes of office furniture ends up in the trash in the EU and the US. The common challenge is to move from a linear to a circular approach to workspace design: from MAKE-TAKE-WASTE to LAST.

For smartvillage, a workshop and meeting campus in the heart of Munich, unconventional designs and sustainability are essential core elements of their start-up DNA. Under the motto “Welcome to your playground”, smartvillage not only offers working spaces for workshops and events, but also increasingly acts as a “New Work Enabler”. Together with partners, suppliers and new-work specialists, they design the working environments of tomorrow, from design planning and implementation to coaching in the new-work sector.

In their latest project “THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT” an innovative, sustainable design and furnishing concept was created together with partners:

The Evergreeen Concept

True to the motto “Circular Together”, THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT by smartvillage is a lighthouse project for the circular economy and the zero-waste approach. In the first pilot project – the meeting space Berghain– the durability of the furniture and materials used was set as the primary selection criterion. All furnishings used are 100% recycled or upcycled products:

  • Made entirely from natural materials
  • Upgraded through upcycling
  • 100% recycled
  • Extended product life cycle
  • Unpublished prototypes or old stock saved from being thrown away
  • Sustainable produced

With this project and the design of working environments, we will extend the life of products, use as many natural materials as possible and turn plastic waste into beautiful design elements.

Sustainability is not a compromise when it comes to aesthetics and functionality – the opposite is true. It inspires people to innovate and widen their horizons. At the same time, it helps us to stay rooted by stimulating our senses and strengthening the connection between humans and nature. Something we need desperately in our fast-paced and digital working world.

“Smartvillage’s vision for the workplace of the future is simple: integrate circularity into everything we do and demonstrate how it can benefitpeople, businesses and the environment.”

Gerd Krohn, CEO & Founder smartvillage

Pure nature indoors

Our ALMWIESN decorates the pillars of the designed room as well as the interior walls of the integrated telephone booths of the supplier VANK.

The natural surface consists of real fragrant alpine hay from regional suppliers and colourful petals with marguerites. ALMWIESN is produced carbon neutral in Tyrol/Austria and is available as wallpaper, self-adhesive or as decor.

The untreated and natural raw materials improve the indoor climate and contribute to a healthier and better feel-good atmosphere. The wonderful natural scent is pleasant and contributes to a MULImultisensory room experience.

In addition to our organoid natural surfaces, the furnishing partners VANK, OBJECT CARPET, StyleGreen and Haworth also contribute to the room concept. Circularity and sustainability have been brought into focus in the design of working environments.
Let’s move into a greener future and a more sustainable working world together.