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Our coatings are leaving our production site without any sealings – as to say “pure natural”. To extend the range of application possibilities – and as we are interested in naturalness and sustainability – we made several tests with different sealings in coorparation with the company ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik in Schwaz/AT for the last months. Our aim was to increase the abrasion and water resistance as well as the light fastness.

 As a result we can recommend the following products for surface sealing:

The water-based one-component clear varnish Aqua-Resist has a high resistance and therefore it is suitable as base-coat and top-coat. After a few hours the varnish will harden unscented. The raw materials of the organoid decorative coating will still be scenting but the intensity will be less.

The ecological wood oil Lignovit Terra is based on selected renewable raw materials. It has a typical natural inherent odour of linseed oil and therefore is suitable for our slightly fragrant coatings.

After having coated twice the surface with aprox. 70-90g/m² the characteristics of our smooth surfaces are increased according to light fastness, abrasion resistance and even a water drop can be removed without difficulties after a certain time.

We advise against sealing of natural surfaces with moss (e.g. MOUS HELLGRIAN and MOUS DUNKLGRIAN) with varnishes or oils.

We are glad that with these two products increased the application possibilities. 

We strongly recommend – depending on the intended use – to carry out appropriate pre-tests in a suitable siz