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Climate change concerns all of us. It is our responsibility to protect our planet for future generations and to conserve natural resources.

Our organoid® products are now produced climate-neutral. This means we:

– recorded our CO2 emissions and reduced them as far as possible
– adapted the production process
– supply our company with 100% eco-power
– use public transport whenever possible
– avoid small order volumes
– pay attention to short transportations
– compensate unavoidable emissions through international acknowledged climate protection projects

We chose the project Forest Protection Kasigau Wildlife Corridor in Kenya. Tropical rain forests absorb carbon emissions and are habitats for many different species. Uncontrolled deforestation and slash-and-burn methods obtain only short-term fertile soil as well as timber and firewood. The project provides  alternative jobs, education possibilities, protects the local biodiversity and conserves the natural carbon sink.

Climate protection means to assume responsibility. That’s why we certified for a climate-neutral company.